COVID-19 Policy

At California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport we are doing our part to keep employees, tenants and passengers safe during these difficult times. As you arrive at ACV, know the following:

  • Focused cleaning takes place at high traffic areas following each flight
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations have been placed throughout the terminal


COVID Sign "Masks Are Strongly Recommended in this Facility"

This sign is posted throughout the ACV Airport

Please visit the TSA and the CDC for the most up to date information:

TSA Covid-19

CDC Travel & Prevention Guidance

U. S. Department of Transportation

COVID Testing For Travel

There are currently no Local, State, California, or Federal requirements for COVID testing when traveling domestically. However, there are different requirements for different countries (and the State of Hawaii) if you travel internationally. Additionally, each airline also has its COVID-19 protocols. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to the airline you use if you have specific questions about your itinerary and potential testing requirements for your travel/destination.

United Airlines                  1-800-864-8331

American Airlines             1-800-433-7300

Avelo Airlines                     1-346-616-9500